White Glove Service

This an exclusive service that we offer to all our clients who do two sides of a real estate transaction with us (i.e., selling a house and buying a house).
The selling-buying process for a home is a lot more involved than you might think. It’s not just about the open houses and online listings. There are some other steps that must be taken, like getting an appraisal done, creating appealing photos & video, staging, legal, moving, and meeting with your agent to prepare for the sale of your home.
These are additional costs that people incur, but my team takes all this burden off your shoulders.
Yes, we will pay and manage all of this for you! No stress. Here’s how it works.
We established partnerships with highly rated service providers and will coordinate all steps on your behalf.
We will pay and organize: (1) Minor repairs prior to listing; (2) One month staging cost for 4 rooms; (3) Professional photography for your listing; (4) Inspection of a new house; (5) Real estate lawyer fees; and (7) organize a fabulous New House party!
As well if there is anything else that your specific situation calls for, we have recommendations of who to call and what to expect.