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This project is not released to any other agent! Act until Sunday, October 10, 2021 and secure the best prices.

Green Living At Its Best

Lower Cost of Living

Significantly reduced maintenance and energy costs translate into more savings for you. Operating costs are lower than for conventional buildings.

Thermal Comfort

Comfort, with unprecedented thermal balance. Superior insulation and elimination of thermal bridges mean no hot or cold spots. Temperatures are stable and consistent from floor to ceiling, and from room to room.

Clean Air to Breathe

A healthy environment, with great indoor air quality. High-efficiency Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) ensure a supply of clean air, year-round. A Passive House-certified ventilation system silently delivers fresh air for a healthier life.

Increased Market Value

High-quality, efficient buildings will continue to hold, higher value. With increased market awareness of environmentally conscious construction, the resale price of highly efficient buildings will become more obvious.

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